Vision and Values

Innovation & Engineering

  • Equipment built for purpose - being lightweight when needed or robust for other heavy duty applications
  • Designs that are easy to operate and cost-effective to manufacture
  • Continual R&D for the latest technology and new ideas to incorporate into equipment designs as well as manufacturing methods
  • Investment in new plant and equipment
  • Develop a culture of Continuous Improvemnet in all areas
  • Ensure a "Can-Do" attitude in the company and a preparedness to try new ideas

Customer Focus

  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Ensure timely response to customer requests
  • Regular communication

After Sales Service

  • Follow up with clients after delivery
  • Resolve any issues promptly
  • Be receptive of feedback and suggestions

Value-for-Money Solutions

  • Being sensitive to the budgets of each client and offering equipment and components to suit while retaining quality and service
  • Continually seeking new materials and manufacturing techniques to contain costs
  • Maintaining a lean overhead structure

Quality Manufacturing

  • To ensure high quality standards in everything we do and deliver
  • Continually build on the quality culture within the company