End Tippers

GTS manufactures a comprehensive range of end tippers with a variety of options available. Below is an outline of our range.

Steel End Tippers

Our steel end tippers are designed with maximum strength and structural integrity in mind. They generally come in one of two falvours: Standard mild steel or "wear steel". Being built with "wear steel", these trailers are generally up to 25% as light and have a life time of up to 75% longer than their mild steel cousins with the same Gross Payload carrying capacity.

  • Supalite
  • General Purpose End Tipper
  • Bulk Grain Tippers 

Aluminium End Tippers

Our Aluminium End Tippers are designed to achieve the lowest tare weights possible. When making runs where every few ponds or kilos makes an impact on the bottom line, then our Ally Tippers are the way to go.

  • Contractors Tippers
  • Bulk Grain Tippers 
  • Chassis Tippers and Tip Over Axle configuration

Contractor & Grain Variations

Our End Tippers have been designed to accomodate the needs of a wide range in customer requirements. From standard mild steel, to "hard wearing steel" to Aluminium designed bodies we offer a wide range of features and customisable options.

Built to Last

The Supalite is the industry's lightest weight steel tipper and offers exceptional durability and unmatched protection against impact damage and long term wear and tear, with its unparalleled tipping capabilities it also yields a flat, smooth appearance.

Steel Grain Tippers

A Menu Full of Options. Made from "wear steel", our Steel Grain Tippers are renowned for their exceptional light weight, extreme structural integrity and consistently high resale value. With a long list of options, our hard wearing Grain Tippers can be further enhanced for a variety of specific operations.

Aluminium Grain Tippers

Extreme Versatility. The Aluminium Grain Tipper provides a low overall weight that means higher tare weights and less grain bin runs. With light weight aluminium means increased protection from daily wear and tear as well as many other enhancements.


Please contact us should you like to enquire about our Semi Tipper product range.