Extendable Trailers

GTS can supply extendable trailers in both flat top and drop deck configuration. Below is an outline of our range.

Extendable Trailers

Our Transporter Flat Top trailers are available in a standard, medium and extra heavy duty configurations suited for general purpose or heavy duty applications.

  • Transporter Flat Top Extandable
  • Transporter Drop Deck Extendable
  • Transporter Drop Deck Extendable with ramps

Extendable Trailers

Built to Last. The Transporter Flat Top is the industry's lightest weight steel flat top and offers exceptional durability and unmatched protection against impact damage and long term wear and tear, while its unparalleled manufacturing process yields a flat, smooth appearance.

Transporter Drop Deck

A Menu Full of Options. The Transporter Drop Deck is renowned for its exceptional light weight, extreme structural integrity and consistently high resale value. With a long list of options, the Transporter Drop Deck can be further enhanced for a variety of specific operations.

Transporter Drop Deck with Ramps

Extreme Versatility. The Transporter Drop Deck with Ramps provides the flexibility to configure hydraulic ramps to accommodate a variety of hauling and load options. With optional features as standard, the Transporter Drop Deck has increased protection from daily wear and tear as



Please contact us should you like to enquire about our Transporter Extendable product range.