Low Loaders

GTS has a range of Low Loaders to suit your transportation needs. Below is an outline of our range.

Fixed Width

Our fixed width Low Loaders are designed with maximum strength and structural integrity in mind. They generally come in one of two falvours: Standard mild steel or "wear steel". Being built with "wear steel", these trailers are generally up to 25% as light and have a life time of up to 75% longer than their mild steel cousins with the same Gross Payload carrying capacity.

  • Capacities rangng from 30 Tonne to 100 Tonne

Deck Widening

Our Deck Widening Low Loader trailers suit a wide range of purposes from carring large earth moving equipment to speciailised applications

  • Tri Deck Widener - Capacity - 30 tonne at 3.5m wide

Built to Last. Our Low Loader Trailers offer some of the industry's most innovative designs and offers exceptional durability and operational flexibility. It's unparalleled manufacturing process yields a durable flat, robust appearance.


Please contact us should you like to enquire about our Transporter Extendable product range.